Tips & Thanks

Without a doubt, it is an immeasurably amazing feeling to channel the ebb & flow of an audience’s energy and surf along on it for the whole show. That connection can feel as good as 3 hours of meditation mixed with a runner’s high.

To have folks come up after the show and give their thoughts and their thanks goes a long way. Sometimes it’s by telling me that they’ve not been out for a night in months and I made it special. Or it’s a fellow music lover offering their pleasant surprise to my setlist & performance.

Sometimes it’s after the show and through social media messages, tagging me in pictures and videos of them and their friends singing their hearts out.

And every once in a while it’s folks digging down deep in their pockets and topping up my tip jar, showing me how much more they got out of their night because I was there to entertain them. That they felt compelled to make sure I get paid what they feel my show was worth.

Please know, it is ALL greatly & truly appreciated. But, if you’d like to leave me an e-tip, you’ve come to the right page.

Thank you very much!

Tips sent via PayPal eTips.